Botanic Garden Sheffield

Botanic garden Sheffield, located in the city centre, was established in 1836 and today spans 19 acres on a south-west sloping site. Many describe this hotspot as a hidden gem in Sheffield! Its expansive grounds in the city centre are excellent for an invigorating jog or a relaxed picnic with family, friends, and dogs.

The gardens were originally designed by Robert Marnock in the Gardenesque style, several winding paths takes vistiors on an exploration through over 18 different garden areas based on geographical or botanical themes from across the world, with over 5500 species!

The Grade 2 Glass Pavilions hold a remarkable array of plants from temperate regions of the world and serve as a lovely background to the sweeping lawns with their magnificent trees and central Broadwalk.
Additionally, a rare Grade II listed Bear Pit, located amongst the freshly rebuilt Mediterranean and Himalayan gardens, is enjoyed by children of all ages.

Not only are the Botanical gardens a great place to spend some time outdoors, but there are also lots of events and touts held here! You can also explore different tours of the gardens, from the ‘National Tree Week Tour’ to the ‘Spring bulbs and Magnificent magnolias tour’!

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