Easy walks in Sheffield

Despite being known for its industrial background, The Steel City is regarded as one of the greenest cities in the country! This is due to the abundance of parks and walks that dot the city and its near proximity to the Peak District! Here are some of our favourite easy walks to explore in Sheffield.

Houndkirk Moor

Start your journey across high, heather-covered moors from the famous Sheffield suburb of Ecclesall Road, then head through the village of Dore and on to the winding valleys of the Peak District.

Wyming Brook, Rivelin and Redmires Reservoirs

This easy walk in Sheffield is a wonderful waterside and moorland trek that is located in the eastern reaches of the Peak District, not far from the Derbyshire border. It takes you through a wild and picturesque scenery of forests, ravines, moss-covered cliffs, streams, and the tranquil waters of five reservoirs.

Agden Resevoir

Stroll through fields, woodlands, and moorland on the Agden Resevoir walk. This walk climbs to High Bradfield before exploring lonely farmsteads and secret valleys! Packed with interest and illustrated by far-reaching views, the route then descends and ends with a trail around Agden Reservoir.


On the border of South Yorkshire is Troway. This walk explores a network of old tracks and footpaths through a varied landscape of farmland and ancient woodland. Plus, you can explore through abandoned mill ponds in the Moss Valley, a region now popular for outdoor leisure activities like walking, cycling, horseback riding, and fishing!


Located just outside Sheffield, this action-packed walk ascends high above Hathersage for panoramic views, passing a collection of houses along the way, from Little John’s burial to Robin Hood’s Stoop.

We hope you found our post on our favourite easy walks in Sheffield useful, and we’re confident you’ll enjoy your visit! While you’re here, why not find out more about the steel city right here at Enjoy Sheffield?

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